So much for granola!!!Also the response to this spill was so

Convicts must serve 85% of their sentence before parole, and that is not a given, or 11 years. In addition, courts have been giving 2 or 3 for 1 credits for time served in pretrial custody, which can substantially reduce the sentence served. Also in Canada we have prisons with golf courses and they have stables for horses (convicted murderer C.

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Her husband was struck on the forehead with a gun. He was treated and released.Though this incident was not connected to our schools, I have been in communication with Orinda Chief of Police Mark Nagel and have offered any assistance the District can provide with the ongoing investigation. Out of an abundance of caution, I have asked Chief Nagel to increase patrols of the area in and around Wagner Ranch Elementary School..

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The immature progressive attitude is to express surprise that any accident is possible, and to start whining. Which is what happens in Moonbeamville.But amazingly, we are told not to touch it. So much for granola!!!Also the response to this spill was so prompt.

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