How to improve essay writing

How to improve essay writing

Essay writing can be done by all but not everyone can produce the desired outcome every time they write one and as such, you as a student would like to know how to nail an essay every time the teacher assigns you to do one. Here is a simple step-by-step solution on how to quickly improve your writing skills to get you set for academics.

First off, start organizing. Organizing can take up a lot of your time but if you put in effort and be meticulous about it then writing your outline and then your essay would be easy. This does not only apply to organizing your work as well but you should also organize your resources such as books, journals, online articles and even the ones you need to bookmark so everything will come easy.

Second is gathering information. You may already know this but you should gather information from primary sources such as books or journals and then secondary sources such as JSTOR or even Google Scholar to find the journal you need. Then once you gather all the information you need, you must take note of them. Meaning, you have to read them ALL and make sure you mark down all the information you ONLY NEED.

Third is planning and this should be done not only based on the outline but the time you will need to write down your work. You need to allot certain time for each part of the essay as well. For example, you need to write the introduction and you allot two to four hours in writing it then you write the first body paragraph the following day with the same time needed as the intro and so on.

Lastly is style. All students and writers have their own style and you just have to find yours. You can write based on accent or point of view. There is really no way of dictating for you on how to write, you just have to do your research on different writing styles and see which one fits you most or find your own way of writing.


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